NT Canine (for small pets- sister product of No Thrush

NT Canine (for small pets- sister product of No Thrush

A good Before and After photo journal – using NT Canine powder (for Hot Spots and Ear Infections)

Before and After pics – using All Natural NT Canine. Just “dust-on” NT Canine powder to combat Hot Spots. When using for ear infections, simply puff a bit of powder in the canal and dust the underside of the ear flap.

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No Thrush tip for Spring

Quick No Thrush tip: If you bring a horse out of pasture and find he has a thrush-rotted frog, you can clean the foot with pick and brush, dust well with NT, then place a gauze pad over the frog and use duct tape to keep in place. Change every day or two. This will transform a soft, rotted frog into firm tissue (which will support the sole, which is often infected as well – and this will help support the coffin bone). The old frog may slough away and the new tissue will begin to re-grow. After a week or 10 days, you can just do daily dusting and forgo the duct-tape routine. Now the frog will grow out normally. (Be sure to dust “inside” all heel cracks, and use your pick-brush to distribute NO Thrush Dry powder over the heel, frog, and sole each day.) (Note: This duct tape routine is not needed for typical thrush, it is just an option to help remove the elements from the rotted frog/thrush equation.)  Hoping the sun and Spring warmth reaches all of you soon!

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No Thrush (NTDry) now available in New Zealand!

Finally! NTDry is available in New Zealand. Log onto http://www.ntdry.co.nz/default.asp

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What is Thrush?? – A quick, easy guide

Confused about what is going on with your horse’s feet? So often the problem is thrush, but most of us only recognize thrush when we see and smell the black goo. But thrush is SOOO much more that that! This video will give you all the knowledge you need about thrush and how it invades the foot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxFRqFwF9ew

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Scratches and rainrot

No Thrush works great on Scratches and rainrot – and it’s is so much easier! Just dust the powder onto the problem area and gently rub into the hairline. Don’t wash, don’t remove the scabs. Just “dust on.” We can also use as prevention for those horses with a recurring problem. For photos, log onto: http://www.nothrushshop.com/treat_scratches.html

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A good reminder of how to use NO THRUSH

Here are 4 minutes of valuable info on how to use NO THRUSH.

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CAN-AM horse Expo

You can find NO THRUSH at the CAN-AM Horse expo in Ontario, Canada. We will have space set up at the WILSON TACK booth.

Have a great time!

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