A few things you should know about NO THRUSH

There is a difference between “thrush treatment,” and “horse healing.” NO THRUSH treats in 3-5 days in which time you should no longer notice the black, wet mess. Do the “pick-test.” Insert your pick into the thrush area and see if it comes out dry and clean. If so, this is proof that the bacteria is no longer active. Meanwhile for extreme, deep-sulcus cases , be sure to keep dusting whenever possible while the “healing” takes place. NO THRUSH promotes a positive healing envirorment – but know that your horse is suseptable to reoccurance until the crevices and the area between the heel bulbs close and grow back with healthy tissue. Depending on the tissue damage created by months/years of thrush, this may take a few weeks. Be sure to click the “How It Works” link for extensive photos and usage tips – at : www.nothrushshop.com .]

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We make All Natural horse products. The products are created for very specific needs at our Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centre in Southern California. The products are tested and refined for years before they are allowed to hit the market. We guarantee that when you find a Four Oaks Product in the store, it will do exactly what we say it will do. Our reputation is on the line.
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    Also see the 3 minute promotional video on You Tube at:

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