A little insight into No Thrush

As always, a picture is worth many, many words. The “How It Works” page at www.nothrushshop.com is structured to show how No Thrush is used, what to expect, and also to learn our hints and recommendations for the best and fastest thrush treatment…. By the way… Notice we don’t say “Cure” when speaking about thrush, we say “Treat.” This is because thrush is not curable. The bacteria lives in the horse, and returns when conditions aren’t ideal (usually at the worst times, of course,). Once thrush takes hold, all you can do is treat. (Although we recommend using No Thrush in a regular maintenance program. With 2-4 maintenance dustings a month we have witnessed no return of thrush) So, No Thrush, and all the rest, “treat.” We just happen to believe that we have the best, fastest, cleanest, and most versatile thrush product on the market.


About nothrushblog

We make All Natural horse products. The products are created for very specific needs at our Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centre in Southern California. The products are tested and refined for years before they are allowed to hit the market. We guarantee that when you find a Four Oaks Product in the store, it will do exactly what we say it will do. Our reputation is on the line.
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