Available in UK and EU in mid April ! “NT-DRY”

Finally! NO THRUSH will be available for purchase at your local store in the UK and EU by mid-April. The EU trade name is “NT-DRY.” Distributors and retailers can contact Mike Taylor at EquusImports.co.uk  to place pre-orders or contact our offices at www.NoThrushShop.com 805-813-6257 for more information – ask for Heath.

Distributors for NO THRUSH in Canada include: Canadian Saddlery / Centurion Supply.

Distributors in US include: VSI and Western Saddlery – BCI and many more coming soon!


About nothrushblog

We make All Natural horse products. The products are created for very specific needs at our Four Oaks Farm Sport Horse rehabilitation and Reconditioning Centre in Southern California. The products are tested and refined for years before they are allowed to hit the market. We guarantee that when you find a Four Oaks Product in the store, it will do exactly what we say it will do. Our reputation is on the line.
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3 Responses to Available in UK and EU in mid April ! “NT-DRY”

  1. That’s good news. Any update on the availability of no thrush in the US?

  2. nothrushblog says:

    All major equine online sellers now carry NO THRUSH, and additional tack stores throughout the world are being added every day. Be sure to ask your local store for NT by name.

  3. Ivalene says:

    If not for your writing this topic could be very conolvtued and oblique.

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