NO THRUSH Powder How-To Guide “Wrapping a Hoof.”

How to “Wrap a hoof” instead of buying expensive RX hoof boots.

Do it yourself Hoof Wrap

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Often your vet or farrier will ask you to “wrap” a hoof” or buy and utilize hoof boots. There are many reasons they might request this, but it is typically due to tender or infected frogs, whiteline disease, and/or soft, bruised, or damaged soles. If the treatment is expected to be long term, it may be best to break down and purchase the boots. However if you are expecting just a few weeks of treatment, there is an easy (and cost effective) alternative.

NOTE: Boots and wrapping (even hoof packing) remove oxygen and create a warm, moist environment which is where thrush and bacteria thrive.

So… here is what to do…

*NO THRUSH powder, (Buy at any Farm and Tack store)
*Duct Tape
*Hoof Pick
*Rag (optional)

TIME NEEDED: 3-5 minutes

Step 1: Clean and brush the hoof, removing debris. (If you are in rainy or snowy conditions, use a rag to wipe up any excessive moisture. (It doesn’t have to be perfect, just wipe away the worst of it, HOWEVER the outside hoof wall must be completely dry so the tape will stick

Step 2: Liberally dust the hoof (and all crevices) with NO THRUSH Powder. Brush it in with your hoof brush and then add a little more on top.

Step 3: Tear a piece of gauze and place it over the NO THRUSH so it covers the entire frog and sole.

Step 4. Grab strips of Dust tape (preparing these in advance will make your life MUCH easier). Attach the tape in an overlapping row. Be sure you let the edges overlap 2 inches on each side. Then add some additional crisscrossed strips using the same method. With your hand, firmly affix the tape. Be sure to use enough strips that you can no longer see any gauze. In damp weather, a few additional strips may be helpful to keep out the elements.

Step 5: Grab the roll of tape and run 2-4 complete circles around the hoof wall, sealing down the edges of the crosscross strips. Run your hand over the tape to give it a final seal.

That’s it. Your No Thrush /gauze / Duct Tape creation will typically last a 2-3 days, and often longer depending on how much activity the horse is getting. To read more about thrush, go to this video:


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